Theatrical project

The Scream is a collaboration between Norwegian theater director and writer Øystein Ulsberg Brager and Croatian performers Natasha Kadin and Boris Kadin (members of art collective Mavena, Split).

We wish to create a project that deals with famous painting The Scream in a several dimensions. We will establish connection between biography of Eduard Munch, story about the picture, news reports about theft of the picture from 2004, story about man that actually stole the picture, biography of Zlatan Jasharevich that stole the picture and it was never revealed, his relation to a woman who worked as insurance officer in museum, as well as make connection between the artist and person that stole the artist work more than hundred years after.

The story begins on August 22, during daylight hours, when masked gunman entered the Munch Museum in Oslo and stole two paintings: Scream and Munch’s Madonna. Remarkably, a bystander photographed the robbers as they escaped with the artwork to their car. On April 8,2005 Norwegian police arrested a suspect in connection with the theft, but the paintings remained missing and it was rumoured that they had been burned by the thieves to destroy evidence. The police never arrested Zlatan Jasharevic, in fact six men went on trial in early 2006, variously charged with either assisting to plan or execute the robbery. Three of the men were convicted and sentenced to between four and eight years in prison in May 2006, and two of the convicted, were ordered to pay compensation of 750 million kroner (roughly USD 117.6 million or € 86.7 million) to the City of Oslo.

The story in the play Scream than goes to Eduard Munch and one of his picture. In the middle stands a physical mature woman, naked with her legs spread, who looks directly at the viewer. Her seductive and provocative gaze is of such irresistible attraction that it guarantees the eternity of the human race. On the right side is a darkly dressed woman, hardly visible, with a pale face that bears witness to death. “Woman in her many-sidedness”, Munch wrote, “is a mystery to man. Woman at one and the same time is a saint, a whore, and an unhappy person abandoned” . We combine this analysis to compare Eduard vision of woman with Zlatan vision. Zlatan is a young artist, which came in Oslo from Sarajevo during the war in Yugoslavia, 1994. As his mother died when he was just a child, he established the vision of women trough words of Eduard Munch, since Munch was his favourite painter. The connection was so big, that he visited the Munch Museum every day for a 5 year. During this visits he made contact with the woman that works in Munch Museum as a insurance officer. After some months they started their weird sexual relation and the result was the stealing of the Scream.