Interdisciplinary research project of Mediterranean history and its female habitants through several artistic disciplines: performance, contemporary dance, visual art and new media art.


The main aim of this project is to research, find and to make visible some extraordinary women that contributed the development of the society of the Mediterranean with their work and life, but didn’t gain enough attention and recognition in the past. Our society in general was the society of MEN. Men were always on the leading positions, brought up and educated to be “important” part of the society, and women were “pushed” aside, to be mothers and housewife’s, without a permission to enter the “men’s world”. Some of these women managed to be prominent through some extraordinary work and to make a difference in the society, but even if they managed to do so, it was somehow neglected and didn’t gain enough attention and recognition. The Mediterranean is characterized by heterogeneity of cultures, ethnicities, languages and we consider She-story of Mediterranean as meeting point of this heterogeneity.


Through this project we aim to find these women from the territory of the Mediterranean, and to give them deserved attention and to make interdisciplinary project on the subject of these special ladies. That is why the projects name, She-story which is a word game aiming to supplement and somehow update the history of the Mediterranean by putting some deserved SHE-stories in the great book of the HE-story. By taking She-story as a subject and referential framework of our project we will explore it in different contexts and media, ranging from photography, video, contemporary dance, live performance and hybrid theatre installations. We aim to create new receptive potentials of hidden Mediterranean and to promote cultural and artistic cooperation between artists and organisations from Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.


The main basis for the present proposal is to enhance the cultural area shared by Mediterranean’s, which is based on a common cultural heritage, through the development of cooperation activities among cultural operators from Mediterranean countries and to explore the subject of female history of Mediterranean trough artistic cooperation and mobility of the Mediterranean artists. The wide and large art experience showed by some of the involved partners and artists will produce the roots for a cultural cooperation network, targeted to promote the intercultural dialogue between citizens, institutions, NGOs and artists from different Mediterranean regions, as well as to facilitate the access to culture and she-story in those areas like islands or Mediterranean towns where the cultural operators have more difficulties to explore the topic, to reach the audience, to present and produce art work.


Project authors_ Boris & Natasha Kadin