EU Pionir

Today, when I become the EU pioneer I give my honorable art word

That I will work with artists from the EU And that my every action will have the added European value

That I will share experiences

That my mission, vision and objective to be in line with those of the EU

That each of our project will be of benefit to the local community And that I will be a good artist…


Art boy, art boy, creative boy, with an idea boy, with a project, boy Searching for producer or coproducer from EU, boy ….. EU pioneer is a musical performance, which establishes a retrograde correlation between Molotov cocktails, entry into the EU, national identity, collective memory, history burden of one nation, application forms and standards of art production within the EU and beyond, with pledging for pioneers and the concepts of the meaning of the word pioneer. Is today an artist’s Honest, Loyal, Progressive, Gritty and Hard-working? Are these qualities that should possess a real PIONIR in general can be detected in artistic production and practice? All the question that this project opens are part of the narrative structure which is performed as a concert, party.


Exploring the world of politics, political heritage, making wrong decisions, disagreements, bureaucracy, law, EU standards and the situation facing the artist from outside the EU, “EU pioneer” offers a counterpoint to the party as the ultimate way to forget real life in which there is a country with open negotiation chapters with the EU, at least for a moment, and jump, play, dance, enjoy. In the end all we have out of it all is what you have from us. Party. Music. Rhythm. Bas. Guitar. Sample. Text.


Concept: Boris Kadin

Performers: Boris Kadin and DIREKTamMEER

Visuals: Natasha Kadin

Premiere: 24.5.2010. Cinema Pobjeda Zadar

Critics (in Croatian):

Audio: Popcorn Heute Molotov


EU PIONIR was realized as a part of NEW MEDIA GALERY


Production: MAVENA, Teatro VERRDI, ARTIKULTURA supported by the Ministry of Culture Croatia