Curatorial school 2023

Curatorial school 2023

Un-war Space Lab: Accidental or non-curatorial practices after the human destruction of the Earth and interspecies life

23-24-25-26 March 2023
Cinema Beton – Youth Center Split

+ Exhibition opening: 27 March 2023 

Curatorial school is a non-institutional education program that’s been implemented since 2016 by the Mavena association. The School aims to educate young art historians, artists, and other culture workers and to train them to create new and innovative curator programs in Split and beyond. Each year with a new topic, an international team of artists and curators offers participants an insight into curatorial practices from different European perspectives. The team also introduces them to different ways of working with a selected topic and provides them with a foundation for international cultural cooperation.

The curator school is free for all participants, it is possible to attend it online or live (Beton Cinema, Youth Center Split), and you need to register by e-mail no later than Tuesday, March 21, 2023.


Un-war Space Lab:
Armina Pilav
Damir Ugljen
Servet Cihangiroğlu
Ana Dana Beroš
Jamie Allen
Louise Emily Carver
Ivica Mitrović 

Un-war Space Lab invites for the collective creation of accidental and non-curatorial practices relying on the feminist theory and starting from consequences of human destruction of the Earth with wars, excessive exploiting of the resources, and toxicity inscribed in every living and built context. The spatial ecological conditions on the Earth defined by human exploitation and destruction went too extreme spatially and socially for all, human and other than human species. It is evident that humans are technically late to plan and design how to solve our environmental disasters. Instead (and following Vilem Flusser’s suggestions), we need to start to re-create our maps as well as toxic lands, in the present ecological timeline, possibly from destroyed landscapes and existing interspecies habitats.

We propose to observe the interspecies life through the species that are the material extension of the well-known living species as are the rivers Neretva, Drava or other, human and other than human bodies. Species here are the prosthesis made of pollution and technologies of war, connecting human and non-human bodies with their waste, resulting in hybrids of the living and non-living kinds. We will start with observing all participants’ living or fictional environments, and different intermedia works developed by the Un-war Space Lab members, collectively and individually.

Accidental and non-curatorial practices create and destroy at the same time, focusing on the site-specific materials, reality and fiction, movements and emotions of all participants while cultivating an experimental space of inclusion and transformation of violence of any kind.

The Curator School is a program of the association MAVENA, which is produced in cooperation with the Coalition of Youth Associations, Multimedia Cultural Center Split and the Youth Center Platform, and is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

Working timeline:

Thursday 23 March:

12:00 – 14:00
Introduction to the work and creation of the temporary collective and the working group.

Meeting, presentation of all participants starting from self-selected quotes, poems, photos, film and any other reference directly and indirectly related to the theme.

Presentation on the intermedia and site-specific materiality of Neretva and Drava rivers by Damir Ugljen and Armina Pilav.

Making of the lexicon, themes, and methods to observe and operate with during the four working days, defining accidental and non-curatorial practices.

17:30 – 18:30
Reading performance by Jamie Allen and Armina Pilav, Cats of Katydata developed during the research in Cyprus entitled ‘Food for the Future: The Harvest of the Past, That Awaits My Hunger’ as part of the conference ‘Entangled Milieus: Co-Constituting a Shared Futurity. 

Friday 24 March:

14:00 – 16:00
Artist talk and conversation with Servet Cihangiroğlu, artist in exile – the art of motion and adaptation through silence.

Curatorial talk and conversation with Ana Dana Beroš, on collective curatorial practices, working with vulnerable bodies and spaces.

Conversation with Ivica Mitrović, assistant professor at the department of Visual Communications Design at the Arts Academy in Split, where he teaches Interaction Design and Interactive Media Design.

Saturday 25 March: 

8:30 – 18:00
Day trip from Split port. Visit to the Neretva Delta. Documenting. 

Sunday 26 March: Exhibition creation

11:00 – 19:00
An exhibition creation, discussions and collective work.

Monday 27 March:

Exhibition opening.

19:30 – 20:00
Entanglements and performativity of water ecosystems by Louise Emily Carver.

Performativity of the river Neretva delta with all participants of the curatorial school.


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