NMG@PRAKTIKA: Tihana Mandušić

Standing, falling, broaching


The installation consists of a door in the form of silhouette and three projections: standing, falling and broaching. All three videos are made quite simply, without unnecessary details and they show exactly what the title says.

Standing, just a pose, no action, it remains only to observe it. Although coming form social situations, relocated to the interior and without the participation of other people the action is stripped to the moment of non-action and resistance.

Falling is a response to the social situations in which the tension of the body is at maximum. This fall is not a loss of control, it is only the change of the attitude, relaxing the body, opposition to standing, the moment when standing ends, when it is necessary to loosen the tension of the body and mind. The fall evokes only a short social timeout.

Broaching as an action depicts narrow and limited space of our actions.


About the Author:


Tihana Mandušić (1982 Split) graduated in new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, at the Art Academy in Split, Department of Film and Video, and Photographic Design at the Art School in Split. She has participated in many group exhibitions and festivals: 2011 – / si: n / festival of video art and performance Croatia Video / Filmmakers, A.M Qattan Foundation, Palestine, 2010 – Festival Perforacije, Kvarternikov Trg, Zagreb, exhibition Identities Gallery SC , Zagreb, exhibition and workshop London / Zagreb, The Cass gallery, London, exhibition and workshop Articulation, Vladimir Nazor Gallery, Zagreb, 2009 – video Barik: The recent video art, Galerija Bačva, Zagreb, ESSL AWARD CEE 2009 Winners, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg / Wienna, Austria, exhibition of the festival of female creativity Feminae Extravaganza, Split, Video Vortex 4 Split, Multimedia Cultural Center / Dom mladih, Split Shi is the winner of the first prize at Essl-Award 2009. She also made an animation for the opening credits of Mediterranean Film Festival in Split 2008, as well as videos and animations for multimedia show produced by NGO Mavena: SURLAmour and L’amour fou.