Revolution Now and Forever Zagreb

‘…We are the revolt of the spirit; we believe that revolution is the inevitable vengeance of a spirit humiliated with your doings. We are not utopians; we can conceive this revolution only as a social form. If anywhere there are men and women who have seen a coalition form against them (traitors to everything that is not freedom, rebels of every sort, prisoners of common law), let them never forget that the idea of revolution is the best and most effective safeguard of the individual.’


La Révolution surréaliste, NO.5, Paris 1925.


In the creation of the project Revolution Now & Forever the starting point was a quote from the surrealist manifesto aiming to examine the relation between the Revolution and Art (artists as revoluated individuals). What was evident from the scrach was the long love relationship between Art and Revolution. Artists use Revolution as experimental probes for testing various social relations, public or private, and troday their works use a variety of media presentations, such as videos, performances, installations, public actions, lectures, talks and interactive net projects. The point which defines their works in relation to the Revolution is their relational connection to the human being, their ability to address each individually, producing a reverse effect of the Other.


Unlike the media manipulation of the Revolution, which leads to the visual atmosphere of uncertainty, panic, aggressiveness, and xenophobia to the Other in a wide range (from the “lazy Greeks” and “Islamists who want to die anyway”), the artists show their works related to Revolution through empathy, through dialogue with consciousness, through the active participation of those present, the logic of participation and horizontal structure of the world. There is no prohibition. There are no commands. No metaphysics. What remains is the world we share. Which is re-emerging. Which is in the attempt. Revolution is a rejection of the world that we are given through a variety of conditions, paragraphs, provisions, systems. Revolution needs its followers, victims, resistances, marches, databases, reforms, art, strength, weakness, crying, swing, reflection, traces, documents, land, spirit, breath, voice, scream! REVOLUTION IS ART IS REVOLUTION.