Roko Birimisa – Untitled
Monday, 18th June 2018, at 20:00


As much as we are sick and tired of the clause “young artist” — as if, from our privileged position, someone’s age can add (or deduct) anything from the work itself, thereby affecting our impressions of it — I consider it necessary here to stress the “youth” of the artist whose catalogue you are currently holding. This is Roko Birimiša’s first solo show. Twenty-three years of age, in a manner of an experienced artist, he offered the Mavena team a number of photographs produced in period of a few years. His work naturally falls into cycles. The original idea to exhibit photographs depicting social themes was quickly replaced and we were given an architectural exhibition. Aesthetically and visually pleasing, as well as gallery and Instagram-friendly, Birimiša’s exhibition breathes a fresh new perspective. To be perfectly honest, it was not easy as a curator to “only” select the work you see currently exhibited. The author’s bold decision to print large formats narrowed down the diversity and number of his work, but it nevertheless offers a good insight into a part of his body of work.

Not wanting to limit himself color-wise, the author mastered the black and white technique, as well as that in color, depicting a whole splendor of colors of the Mediterranean architectural moment and expression. His black- and-white work contain a certain elegance, but it is those filled with color that add a likable dimension, that which would be regarded as a “soul” of a place or building. If we are going to personify, in our case the buildings would be those witty, old, loud local ladies we all know.

As far as the author’s motives go, although some have a clear present Mediterranean note, I would dare calling them globally western. In fact, the location of the buildings – which are the main subjects of the photographs, caught in their static and monumental states – is not important. With Birimiša, the devil is in the details. Faced with his work, it seems as though one could enter it. Every door is to be opened, the millennial everyday life observed through every window. A delicate presence of diagonals in otherwise static scenes does not pass unnoticed. All in all, Roko Birimiša is one of those young authors we should “keep an eye out for” in the future. We look forward to seeing which direction he will take as a successful future artist, because a solid foundation is clear in his work so far.

– – –

Roko Birimiša (23) was born and lives in Split. He graduated photo design from the School of Fine Arts in Split. He is currently studying Film & Video at the Arts Academy in Split, which he enrolled in in 2015/2016. He participated in group shows, one of them being “Tiramola” in Split Fotoklub. He also exhibited at Klovićevi dvori as part of the Picasso exhibition in 2013. This is his first solo show.