NMG@PRAKTIKA_Pero Zloba i Tinuninu

Pero Zloba i Tinuninu
Thursday, 12th April 2018, at 20:00


They used to be called Artuditu. Like Art tu, di? Tu. Now they go by Pero Zloba and Tinuninu. There are also Filip Pilj and Diezoone. Maybe one day they will call themselves Prikolica Na Opako. Who knows. (ah, no one, no one knows anything. Knowledge is so frail!)1 We wanted to name the exhibition From the Party to the Fun-eral. But in the end decided not to. Why? Just because. The boys are from Zagreb and they are pretty young still. But that’s not important.

They draw, paint, assemble, disassemble, re-paint, tear up, tattoo, put together, glue together, connect, play, type; and all other mechanical actions needed to create. What I noticed is that they play and live art in their own recognizable way.
It’s distinct and enough.

There is no artist biography or a list of prizes and acknowledgments. They are a collective which functions on the margins of contemporary art, the true, honest kind, born in the streets. All-encompassing. Guerrilla. While many find art in institutions, wondering what it is, seeking answers and definitions in encyclopaedias and scientific literature, this kind of art breathes and pulsates right here. Around us, from the initial searching point.

Not caring about conventions, forms and norms, standard exhibition formats, pretentious openings and other artistic manifestations of today, the authors try to create on a daily basis, offering their work to the people and the street. But mostly, to themselves and on themselves. Not limited by media, they practice street art, tattooing, sculpting, painting, new media, etc. From sketches to tattoos and sculptures, installations and murals, they’ve become known for their special visual style and aesthetic.

Without a lot of philosophy and complex concepts, the purpose of this exhibition is to introduce them to Split audience, connect the scene, hang out and have fun. Because
Art is Life.2

1 — Cesarić, Dobriša. The Return
2 — According to the curatorial collective Horizont