Nikola Vincelj – Jinks

CUL-DE-SAC, the legendary impro jazz experimental band from Zagreb, the first impro band in the region, after 30 years of very unstable, but a noted career – for the first time plays in SPLIT !!!


The concert will be accompanied by an exhibition of posters and prints of permanent associate of CuI-de-Sac, visual artist Nikola Vincelj Jinx. Beside him to Split are coming: DARKO RUNDEK – bass DAMIR PRICA KAFKA – sax, keyboards FRANJO GLUŠAC – guitar ANDREJA KOŠAVIĆ – vocals BRUNO VORBERGER – drums, percussion IGOR PAVLICA – trumpet MIRO MANOJLOVIĆ – vibraphone, percussion NEVEN JURIĆ – horn


CuI-de-Sac, impro jazz experimental music band was formed in 1986 in Zagreb, in the decade that brought many changes to the Croatian music and brought a lot of new bands, projects and cooperation. This was the the first Yugoslavian impro band, it was founded by musicians Dragan Pajic – Pajo (el. Guitar) and Damir Prica Kafka – Capri (saxophone).
In the first set, except Pajo and Capri, played Predrag Dubravčić – drums and Nino Markovac – bass, and the first gigs occurred spontaneously, in Zagreb passage Oktogon, and in other passages, as well as on city streets. In 1987 Mario Barišin on bass joins the band, and in 1989 Darko Rundek. Visual artists that collaborate with the band are Nicole Hewitt, as a the author of the poster and covers for cassettes and Nikola Vincelj Jinks – autorial slideshow projections, the author of the poster and covers for cassettes and the cover for the first cassette.


A list of musicians who participated in the Cul-de-Sac from the beginning to Pajo’s return from Amsterdam in mid-nineties is a long one, some of them are: Dragan Pajić – Pajo (girare, effects), Damir Prica Kafka – Capri (sax, clarinet , piano), Predrag Dubravčić (drums), Nino Markovac (bass guitar), Mario Barišin – Bar (bass guitar), Igor Pavlica – The worst (trumpet), Neven Juric – Nenchi (horn), Darko Rundek (bass guitar, effects) , Ivan Marušić – Cliff (percussion), Andreja Košavić (trumpet, vocals), Nikola Vincelj – Jinx (visual identity, design, posters).
The last appearance of the original stuff was in 1990 on the terrace of a skyscraper in Zagreb’s Square of Republic for the purpose of university thesis of director Tomislav Jagec at Film Academy. From 1993 to 2000 CuI-de-Sac works in Amsterdam as a duo or trio with Ivan Marusic – Cliff and Andreja Košavić, with visual intervention of Nikola Vincelj – Jinks who also created posters and album for self publised CDs. The band performed in the Amsterdam clubs and venues “OCCII”, “Villa Omval”, “The Dijk Theater”, “Gallery 139 W,” “The Vrij media cafe”, “Entrepotdok”, “Zaal 100”, and in 1993 the band performed in Berlin in Tahelesu.
After Pajo’s return to Zagreb CuI-de-Sac Accelerated Evolution Orchestra has been founded. With Pajo, Andrea, Igor, Nenchija and Capri othere members of the band are Sven Buić – bass, Luka Peršić -alt sax, Jerko Valdevit – tenor saxŠtef – drums, Franjo Glušac – guitar, Miro Mance – vibraphone, Bara – bass, Andrija Santro – keyboards and electronics, Matija Santro – percussion, Vedran Peternel – electronics, Tena Novak -violina, Ivan – trombone, Bruno Vorberger – drums, Darko Rundek – bass, Miodrag Krencer – vocal, and other casual staff.
The orchestra had a nonpermanent setting, all the musicians are rarely present on gigs. Since then, the orchestra performs at festivals Thirsty Ear, Showcase of the New Sound, and in clubs in Zagreb, Klagenfurt, Labin, Vinkovci, Rijeka, Zadar, Silba …


Dragan Pajić-Pajo has died on 23rd February 2014 and has left behind a huge legacy of the first impro musician and musical experiment in this region. Musicians gathered under the name of of CuI-de-Sac, and later under the name Accelerated Evolution Orchestra to continue the tradition and impro experimental music in Croatia in memory of Dragan Pajić Pajo, but also for the sake of old fans and new generations who were eager for this kind of music. This way the tradition of impro music is still alive, in the memory of Pajo and as an impulse to development of impro scene in Croatia