Jesus in the heart

Interdisciplinary research art project
Author: Natasha Kadin
Contributors: Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Saša Pocrnić, Galeb Nikačević Hasci – Jare

As tags of an unknown person, recently appeared graffiti signs written Jesus, sometimes framed in the heart, on the streets of Split and other towns on the Adriatic. The message behind the inscriptions is not known, but the fact is that the author of these inscriptions creates a kind of territorialization of urban spaces. One of the places where we encountered extremely high frequency of this weird graffiti is wild and gay nude beach Duilovo between Zagreb Hotel and Stobreč. What is meant by the the author it is not known, and it’s hard to work on a gay story, given that the same inscription do not appear on other gay beaches or places. Either way, the author of the space “marked” some urban territories and track leads to a story. Be the story real or fiction, we decided to collect all the information and find out what and who is behind this public urban action, which is for some vandalism and for the others a message. In Belgrade we will present current findings as well as plans for further development in the form of public urban action and presentation lasting 15 minutes.

Produced by Poezin (in cooperation with Belgrade Pride ) and Mavena.

Photos: Marina Kelava, Saša Pocrnić, Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Natasha Kadin, Jelena Galić, Zela Luša, Jelena Njeguš, Tereza Miš, Antonia Trobec, Mate Prlić, Marin Tudor, Ivan Loparić, Ivan Odrljin, Mirjana Lolić, Sanela Marković, Sara Ivelić, Josipa Maroš