St. Peter church Zadar / 23 h / 11.8.2006
duration-30 min

Installation / performance Heliogabal body is objectified as a closed area surrounded by an abstract grid of architecture in a sacred space.

The body is projected into the body.

The body that is projected onto the prenatal body is the memory of the consciousness.

Energy of the prenatal body rises in blood.

This birth is not only the physical birth.

This exit out of itself makes the body another one.

The point of intersection of two bodies is the time and space of the body.

Incorporeal body performs the first act of birth in the blood, keeping the memory of the ceremony through the image reflected in the body….

Heliogabal refers to the work of A. Artaud. Artaud called Heliog√°balo Crowned Anarchist, the bearer of freedom …

concept Kadin /
performer Kadin /
Video & Audio Babich / Kadin /