Ausländer upholds the idea of a collective, based on a philosophy of anarchism as mutualism with the principle of communal work, distribution of activities, the examination of power positions, exchange of skills, experience, and knowledge. As such, Ausländer’s expression comes in the fields of music, poetry, film, performance, and social engagement.
“Ausländer” (a stranger, a sojourner) is used as a deceitful and vulgar term for a person who is not desirable and does not belong to the particular country or nation in which she or he is residing. According to such connotations, Ausländer’s project has gathered up people from all over the world who confront such hate speech.
That is exactly why we use “Ausländer,” a word with a negative connotation, and interpret it conceptually, giving it a meaning with a positive and creative explanation.
Reapropriating the term Ausländer, we aim to trigger a semantic change and re-signify the tone embedded in its sociopolitical context as a self-empowerment action.
Experiencing power position through the history of civilization as an authoritarian creation of class divisions among nations, races, genders incorporated with systematic violence – we think of the new models of coexistence.
Ausländer emphasizes the concept of mutual aid as cooperation among species in extreme life conditions more sustainable than an order of natural selection and the law of the fittest.
Considering sound as an interactive method of communication, we create relationships based on the idea of music as a universal language.

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Vocal: Marko Markovic
Drums: Mikal Maldoror
Synth: Kasho Chualan
Bass: Tommy Jirku

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