Psihoemotional megdane

“In the performance Artist is present (which, as she explained, “can mean many things”) Marina is perceptually confronted with individuals so that she can be able to penetrate deeper into their psyche and encourage them to think about the meaning of human existence. With this intention, after one month, she removed the small wooden table in front of her to be closer to the person with whom he led psihoemotional megdane.”


Vlada Petrić


Performance Psihoemotionale megdane originated within PAYperPLAY initiative, as a psihoemotional reaction to the performace “Artist is Present” by Marina Abramović, MOMA, NY, 2010. with the aim to show and discuss the presence of the artists “eye to an eye” and “one on one” with the viewer.


Author: Natasha Kadin