Promotion of the publication NMG@PRAKTIKA 2013-15



Promotion of the publication


January 14th 2016, 20h @ PRAKTIKA



“In a very short time Split gained several new exhibition formats. The one initiated by Mavena relates with the principles of independent scene activity and continues the unfinished story about forming spaces of independent scene at Dom mladih. Although the borders between institutional and independent culture are not defined as clearly as in the nineties, NMG@PRAKTIKA programme leans onto the definition of independent culture that goes back to the nineties and through selection of the authors actively participates in the position of contemporary art as a critical factor in the context of social reality.


New media format acquires new meaning by the choice of artworks. In times when new media are not so new, criticalness and reflexivity of content, content-medium relationship, involvedness, inovativeness and deflexion from dominant conceptions are the baselines of NMG@PRAKTIKA programme. Kultura nova foundation recognised these features and in 2012 offered a model of independent culture payroll funding. After the „Act of establishing cultural councils“ was passed in 2004, and a three-year programmatic financing was imported by the Ministry of Culture, programme that was unfortunately only active in 2013, the establishment of Kultura nova foundation was the next big step in the contribution to the stabilisation of the independent scene in Croatia. Three years of continuous NMG@PRAKTIKA exhibition programme is the reflection of curators’ and artists’ work behind the programme and change of the cultural policies in the country.”





“During the whole process, while others just hanged out in Praktika, we assembled our small curatorial-technical team, professionally trained two people, presented 21 young artists’ exhibitions varying in themes, problematics and concepts, helped some of them in their careers by giving professional advice, made alive the space that was formerly used only occasionally as a gallery and hosted projects of youth for youth and justified the confidence of local, national and international donors who, after gaining insight into educational, innovative and actual components of our programme supported our cause.


After three years of work it seems to me that we have just started this story. We opened several different thematical concepts on the basis of which we will continue to work even further; rounded our small team and “accustomed” the audience to things they can expect from us. And we resume in the same tone, thinking contemporary art and helping young artists with our knowledge and ideas to articulate their own ideas in the space that is intended for them. Therefore, we will keep hanging out at Praktika, see you there!”




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