NMG@PRAKTIKA: Petra Skračić Perić, Dino Perić // exhibition HVÖT

OPENING: Thursday, September 1st, 20 h

EXHIBITION DURATION: September 1st – 8th 2016



Gallery MKC

Dom mladih

Ulica slobode 28, Split

OPENING HOURS: Mo — Fr 18 — 21





The work named Hvöt is a spacial video installation consisting of a central, sculptural part – black pyramid, carrying two LCD screens with repetitive projections of stream of red liquid. Between the screen, in the middle of the pyramid is placed an organic heart.

Video projection is repetitive display of a flow of fluid. Matched with immersive, sedative audio background work aims to establish communication with the observer. The repetitiveness of video and audio has hypnotic impact on the audience. Observing they become immersed in the work and there they find their own stream of consciousness. Or as the authors say – ”Momentarily moved away from ego, space and time in which one exists, as in an induced trance, the door of consciousness are opened, the suppressed liberated.” The work of authors doesn’t have a unique meaning, it becomes a reflection of a range individual streams of consciousness. However, the authors do not take the consciousness as a purely intellectual category, its origins are organic, it conveys deep inner feelings. In this work the connection is manifested through organic heart that lies at the heart of the installation.





Petra Skračić Perić (b.1990) and Dino Perić (b.1992) are students of the third year at Art Academy in Split, Film and Video Department. This is their first solo exhibition. They exhibited their first collaborative work at group exhibition of students of Film and Video Department at MKC gallery in 2016.



As a part of NMG@PRAKTIKA programme, the exhibition is organised in collaboration with Art Academy in Split. The collaboration aims to offer to students an experience of articulation of their work in a gallery space. The exhibited works are results of Art in context 1 and 2 modules mentored by ass. Prof. Sandra Sterle on the first year of graduate study Film and video at UMAS. In the modules different forms of art and non-art contexts are being studied and reflected upon. Students are encouraged to conceptualize their work in the media, urban space, nature, architecture or wider social context. The works are developed from the initial idea, through its conceptualization and implementation to presentations, documentation and opportunities of re-interpretation in another context.



CURATOR: Tonči Kranjčević Batalić
DESIGN: Nikola Križanac
NMG PROGRAMME CURATORS: Natasha Kadin, Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Tina Vukasović
DONORS: Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva, Ministarstvo kulture RH, Zaklada Kultura nova, Grad Split


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