NMG@PRAKTIKA: Matea Šabić Sabljić // (Stowaway’s musical score) or Blind compositions of travel shorts by an imaginary traveler

EXHIBITION OPENING: Thursday, March 9th 2017 at 20 h

EXHIBITION DURATION: 9th – 16th March 2017



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This artistic triptych serves as an “imaginary genre” in form of a collection of travel shorts translated into Braille tactile writing system on punctured paper. It guides us into a stowaway’s musical score which – running through music boxes where each letter based on the position of dots (choreography of holes) on a musical sheet gaining musical notation, or certain tones – translates the letter into sound. This process produces “blind compositions of travel shorts by an imaginary traveler” in form of a poetry collection in a spatial installation of visual signs, sound, movement and text, subtext of an imaginary multimedia journey. The installation itself is composed out of a projected layout of technical drawings depicting 3 cargo ships carrying 3 music boxes, with 33 travel texts by a stowaway next to them. The exhibition visitor chooses a poem and runs it through a “poem reading machine” thereby interacting with the installation. With simultaneous actions by 3 visitors on three different instruments in 3 projected ships, a “score” composed of accidental combinations of letters, texts, tones and rhythm is achieved, an almost “tonal navigation”. The projections of the 3 ships are stylized and schematized, leaving room for association, marking a place of search, voyage and hiding, light and dark, from the first moving images and music boxes, to digital contemporaneity where the old new media still hold their magic – from lights on a cave wall and the creations of artists in order to overcome fear and leave their mark of the traveler and the journey, that is life.


As the visitor approaches the work in order to read the score, the projection distorts over their body, which in turn makes them part of the installation – “entering” the body of the projected ship, the medium of journey, the medium the stowaway’s hiding, or the stowaway him/herself reflected upon them. The light print of the cargo ship hauls the poetry of the imaginary stowaway through the “engine” leaving a mark in space and time.


Through this work, Matea Šabić Sabljić presents us with the opportunity to participate in the creation of a new artistic form, which produces sound through mechanical movement of music boxes which can only be seemingly controlled. By putting us in the center of the installation she gives us an illusion of controlling this multimedia journey, just as we often have the illusion of controlling our own path that is life.





Matea Šabić Sabljić was born in 1982 in Split. She grew up in Trogir and graduated from the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2012. In her work she deals with the space between language, sign, text, communication, time, the relation between old and new media, light and dark, movement and stillness, sound and silence, private and public, dynamic and static. She participated on a number of group exhibitions, as well as held multiple solo exhibitions. Some of those are: “Putopis vremeplov” – held with Nives Sertić at the Greta Gallery, Zagreb, 2016; “Između govora”, solo exhibition, InstitutFrancais, Mediateka, Zagreb, 2012; “Artikulacije”, group exhibition, VN Gallery, Zagreb, 2010; “Stereostrip”, group exhibition, SC Gallery, Zagreb, 2010, and others. This is her first show in Split.



CURATOR: Natasha Kadin
NMG PROGRAMME CURATORS: Lana Beović, Natasha Kadin, Tina Vukasović Đaković
DESIGN: Nikola Križanac
PROGRAMME NMG@PRAKTIKA SUPPORTED BY: Ministarstvo kulture RH, Grad Split, Splitsko-dalmatinska županija
MAVENA SUPPORTED BY: Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva, Zaklada Kultura nova


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