NMG@PRAKTIKA: Time of words

Working with youth is a process in which it is extremely important to respect the period of their development through creativity as an artist and a man, not disrupting their creative development with the fear of mistakes.

It often happens that the development of an artist is questionable if he can not go through phases of development exhibiting his works. This exhibition is showing development from idea to implementation, to the final disposition of the exhibition with the focus on the overall process that the students participated themselves.


At the beginning the students developed a concept of citations that they wanted to visualise with photography. In this way, they worked with the diversity of the media, and explored how to present a word in photography and keep the original idea they wanted to present. In the end they had to come up with the presentation of the show, a process through which they discovered the importance of this part in communicating their feeling to the spectator.


Authors: Students of the College of Fine Arts, Split


Neven Pogutz

Roko Birimiša

Bruna Radelja

Maja Bedalov

Angela Stipić

Tea Šimić

Lucija Vrkić

Lucija Andrea Skočić

Antonija Šerić

Dora Lončar

Andrea Šikić

Vana Balin

Tina Štambuk

Karlo Jakić

Latica Čavić

Elizabeta Pavić

Nina Hadžiahmetović

Marija Grbavac

Tamara Viculin

Mario Tomašević