NMG@PRAKTIKA: Beyond Borders

The collaborative exhibition of the Slovenian-Croatian group of authors is a result of the New Media Cross Border project. “Beyond Borders” is an exhibition where multimedia artists, writers, visionaries, photographers, video artists, experts in open technologies, actors, musicians, anthropologists, 3d experts and sound artists worked together.


It is a group, participatory and collaborative exhibition , where many artist worked together from idea to realization, each with distinctive knowledge, skills and creative upgrading. Thematically the exhibition examines not only of the geopolitical boundaries, but also “invisible” boundaries, such as cultural, social and economic.


The exhibition “Beyond Borders” is a result of two-year project Interdisciplinariy and new media culture developed through a cross-border project (New Media Cross-Border) is implemented by associations Autonomni centar – ACT from Čakovec, Kulturno izobraževalno društvo KIBLA from Maribora, ONEJ – Društvo prekmurske pobude iz Murske Sobote and Udruga mladih V.U.K. from Varaždina as a part of Operational program IPA Slovenija-Hrvatska 2007-2013 with the aim of creating a dynamic cross-border area with intense interactions of development stakeholders from both sides of the border in the area of new media culture and interdisciplinary art, sustainable development and new models of co-creation.


NMG @ PRAKTIKA presents a part of the project.