NMG@PRAKTIKA: Gildo Bavčević

Small Change


“Money is a big thing that makes people small.” – A few centuries old statement by William Shakespeare accurately and directly detects a problem of society, that today deepened so that it not only changed the society, it completely dominated it.


In his artistic work Gildo Bavčević takes the smallest unit of the national currency, 1 lipa, and builds symbolically and semantically very clear and direct artistic works that speak about the relationship between the society and money.

This group of works, in addition to being painfully topical in today’s global society and forces us to reflect upon their own destiny and the destiny of mankind, brings an interesting and beautifully elaborated maturity of artistic concept, working with one material in different media and in different ways.


Many artists have already worked with the money problem in the recent history, one of the most famous works is one by Andy Warhol, but the Small Change by Gildo Bavčević very clearly detects the real question of today: Are we all going to dance to the rhythm of money?


Natasha Kadin


About the Author: Gildo Bavčević (Split, 1979) is a multimedia artist, a final year student of master studies of Media Arts at the Art Academy in Split. He works in various media (performance, video, film, artistic actions, multimedia installations, audio projects, etc.) and his work is always socially engaged. He has participated in many group exhibitions and screenings at home and abroad, of which the most important are: Removed Together ST-LJ gallery Ljubljana, Tu Smo 3 MSUI, Pula, Revolution now and forever, New Media Gallery SC and VN, Zagreb, Re:Referendum, New Media Gallery, Old town hall, Split, 2011. 43rd Rewiev of Croatian Film and Video, Max art fest, and others. Since 2007 he actively participates in the organization of Split Film Festival, is one of the founders and regular contributor to the performance festival DOPUST, member of performative electro punk band Ilija i Zrno Žita. Also, he is actively engaged in music production and sound design. This is his first solo exhibition.