NMG@PRAKTIKA_Društveni centar Rojc // Difference and Morality

Društveni centar Rojc // Difference and Morality
Thursday, 22nd February 2018, at 20:00


TALK: 18:00
Managing public resources – what does a civil-public partnership have to offer?

The Community Center Rojc cannot be compared with a Museum of Fine Arts. There are currently plenty of artists in Rojc that create different expressions, writings, materials and content, all with different ages and educational backgrounds, whether formal or informal, which make the center a nucleus of contemporary art life in Pula. I got the task to select from the pool of local artists and make a group exhibition for the purposes of the upcoming TEH Conference. The concept is based on inviting artists that are closely connected with the Community Center Rojc to present their works of art originating from the center itself.

With a total surface area of 11,000 m2, Rojc stands tall as cultural powerhouse for the city of Pula. It’s great working environment has meant it has become a hive for many different types of artists, constantly stimulating the networking of those in the cultural field. This exhibition, in alignment with the ‘spirit of Rojc’, is a testament to the synergy and creativity of a number of prominent cultural figures acting outside of educational and institutional frames.

The concept of the group exhibition “Difference and Morality” is not only about presenting the artists from the Community Center, but also reflecting the ethos of the building itself, which promotes the constant creation of contemporary artwork that is hard to find outside of Rojc. We can see a general trend in which the creation of art has come to be seen as an easy and attractive option, with the ultimate aim of presenting at private galleries and art fairs, thus becoming a commercial pursuit. The emphasis is on consumption, not creation. Yet communication can’t be and shouldn’t be only about profit, since we communicate not only to others but also to one’s self. That is what art is about. ln this manner we can set artistic goals, improve productivity and introduce a whole new culture of work and creation: a culture of exchange and communication. Rojc is a free space that embraces various artists, musicians, writers, philosophers with a strong tradition of interdisciplinary work by way of an open forum.

There is no accounting for taste: if the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then there are no good or bad paintings. They are either moral
or immoral.

* Freely redesigned from “The Age of Dwarves”, Nikola Polak, 2009.