NMG@PRAKTIKA 2024 – The call to artists was open for applications for independent or group exhibitions, actions, performances, interdisciplinary projects and curatorial concepts with an emphasis on new media projects and exhibitions that were selected as part of the NMG@PRAKTIKA program in the gallery space within the Kocka club, Youth Center or public spaces in Split in 2024. Applications were considered by visual artist and curator Vedran Perkov, producer and curator Natasha Kadin, photographer Glorija Lizde, art historian Katarina Duplančić and designer Nikola Križanac.

The following were selected for exhibition in 2024 and cooperation:

Marianna Nardini

Filip Milković

Nives Sertic

Stella Mikulin

Lav Paripović

Lucija Ostrogović

Luce Bužančić

Sanja Bistričić

Karla Crnčević + CURATOR SCHOOL

We sincerely thank all applicants and look forward to future collaborations.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us at: mavena@mavena.hr

NMG – New Media Gallery is an international curatorial platform focused on research projects related to issues of active participation in contemporary society that result in curatorial concepts, intermedia events, international new media collaborations and the creation of new media projects. The NMG@PRAKTIKA program is implemented within the platform. It is a cycle of exhibitions of young artists from Croatia and abroad at the Youth Center in Split. The year 2024 will be the twelfth year of the cycle through which more than 80 individual and collective exhibitions of young artists have been realized so far. Through new media and experimentation with different forms of artistic expression, the exhibition problematizes current topics of contemporary society. This cycle of exhibitions thus not only provides an insight into the latest artistic practices, but also actively participates in the positioning of contemporary art as a critical factor against social reality by selecting the artists.



This program is implemented in cooperation with the Coalition of Youth Associations, the Split Multimedia Cultural Center, the Youth Center Platform, the Croatian Association of Visual Artists and the Art Academy in Split, and is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split. The work of the Mavena association is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation.