Conference of social groups


It is clear that every society consists of different social groups with different views on world, different needs and goals. It is also clear that no one should have a monopoly on the truth. The views are often conflicting, and the only way to bring them closer and to bring them closer is communication, dialogue, conversation. Imagine a situation of general social assembly, a conference of various social groups in which each group would peacefully and clearly communicate their needs and goals, listening to what others have to say. After this conference, all participants would walk out and make a group photo.


About the author:


Žolt Kovač was born in Pančevo in 1975. After finishing Mathematics High School he studied at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He took a master’s degree at the same university. He attended The School of History and Theory of paintings at the Centre for Contemporary Art Beograd. Currently he is at doctoral art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has exhibited in 14 solo and group shows at home and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Macedonia). He is a co-founder and editor of the online magazine for contemporary art Supervizuelna (www.supervizuelna.com). He plays bass guitar in the Belgrade group Masts. He works as a lecturer at the College of Professional Studies in Belgrade Polytechnic teaching Drawing, Painting and Multimedia presentations. He lives in Belgrade.






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