NMG@PRAKTIKA: Frequencies in time

May 18 – May 28, 2015.

Opening: Monday, May 18th at 20h in the Gallery Praktika, Club Kocka

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 18h – 21h


The work of the young artist Ivan Jamić is a result of experimentation with the video medium. His research takes place both on the artistic and aesthetic level. The research begins with the “interests in vibrations of time and their relationship with the moving image, because the moving image lives, moves and exists in a given time,” as the author himself says. When we speak about artistic experimentation, the author enters the structure of the media and explores new relationships of its formal elements. There he discovers a frequency as the common element of picture and sound, an element that gives life to a video picture. The work which results from this research affects the viewer, thus enters into the sphere of aesthetic creativity. However, artistic and aesthetic experimentation are not the ultimate goal of the author. He is not only experimenting with formal elements of the media but also harks back into the rich archive of video images, the archive that is available to everyone through new technologies today. The artist discovers frequencies earlier revealed as the vital element of video in the sequences from the existing archive. Here the frequencies become a rhythm, which the artist finds in military marches, although it could also be in musical spectacles or mass production processes. Borrowing sequences of marches and placing hem within his formal experiments, the work of author becomes conceptual. Now frequencies are the link between the discipline he finds in the society and the structure of the media he works with. Looking at the works of Ivan Jamić we learn about the video medium through march, but also the medium explains the society in which we live today. 



Ivan Jamić was born in 1995 in Split. He is a student at the Department of Film and Video at Art Academy in Split. This is his first solo exhibition.


CURATOR AND AUTHOR: Tonči Kranjčević Batalić
CURATOR of the CYCLE NMG @ PRAKTIKA: Natasha Kadin
DESIGN: Rafaela Dražić

DONATIONS: National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Foundation Kultura nova, Grad Split