NMG@MKC: And all of a sudden, “I do not paint its being, I paint its passage”, off you go!

September 4 – September 18, 2015

Opening: Friday, September 4th at 21 h, Gallery MKC

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 18h – 21h


In order to experience the passage of time and the perceptual subjectivity it induces, Francine Flandrin has designed this exhibition based on this sentence by Montaigne:“I do not paint its being, I paint its passage… [1]”

This exhibition proposal is articulated through two concept, two artworks: one contains a still life revised in the spirit of Dada Hue, and the other takes a form of installations , which places the viewer in the experiential and phenomenal depth. Francine Flandrin proposes the here and now , the French spiritual principles and all the active potential that arises from them.

Entering into the dim light of the MKC, you are invited to touch the wall located between the two closest lights coming from the floor. This contact will project directly into the experience of the “event” ; while facing this installation, L’Ecce Homo – the first lickable and refillable sculpture – will propose the approach of a time connected to the nowness and calling recollection on the occasion of a tasting.

[1] Montaigne Michel Eyquem de – “Essais” – 1595 – Gallimard, la Pléiade – 1950- Livre III, chap.2: “Du repentir”.

WARNING : move cautiously in the space of the exhibition, this installation is not recommended to pregnant women and epileptics.



Francine Flandrin lives and works in Paris, France. Obsessed with art in its many expressions as a child, she attended a number of fine art schools in the French capital, culminating in a Masters degree at La Sorbonne University and beginning her creative career as a painter in the 1990s. Recognised today as a specialist in contemporary art, Francine conceived the Hue Dada manifesto in 2012, inspired by the 1917 Zurich birth of the Dada movement. Her multi-diciplinary work incorporates painting, sculpture, technology, installation and performance, and focuses primarily on themes associated with the passing of time – a “no limit” desire to explore and enjoy the here and now – and the perpetual passing of time.

In 2012, the Triennale di Milano discovered Tout Sein, her LHOOQ cake, a French pastry that she highjacked as inspiration for her work L’Ecce Homo – the world’s first lickable and rechargeable sculpture that the museum exhibited in 2013 in Kama. Sesso e Design. In 2013, she exhibited her work in Comme un interdit – a reflection on the complexity and relativity of the forbidden. The show, in association with Wim Delvoye, Annette Messager, Otto Muehl, Eric Pougeau and several talented emerging artists, embraced a multitude of themes including religion, sex, history, politics, philosophy and economics. For Marseille 2013, at La Friche de la Belle de Mai, she invited exhibition visitors to be photographed before filling in French passport details while they were wearing reading glasses unsuited to their eyesight as a means of demonstrating the disorientation that accompanies the process of migration from one culture to another. In 2014, at the Museum de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris,  she staged a performance with Mehdi Brit that was inspired by Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream and commented upon ideas of romantic love. Expanding upon her perrenial theme of the passing of time, she is participating in Rendez-Vous, the 2015 French cultural season at the Multimedijalni kulturni centar in Split, Croatia.




DESIGN: Rafaela Dražić

DONATIONS: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, La France en Croatie – Ambassade de France, French Institute, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Foundation Kultura nova, City of Split

The event is organised as part of Rendez-vous, a festival of France in Croatiahttp://www.rendez-vous.hr

THANKS TO: MKC, Rendez-vous, a festival of France in Croatia