The eighth edition of the sound art festival ISPOD BINE in Split
presents music and sound experiments
which reflect upon the future

The eighth edition of the festival of experimental and improv music and sound art, ISPOD BINE, will be held in the Youth Center in Split from November 9 to 13, 2023. As in previous years, the festival presents the most interesting and fresh “sound art” projects and collaborations but also offers an educational part, so even those who have not encountered this type of contemporary hybrid art until now can participate in the festival events and learn a lot about current movements in the world of contemporary sound art.

The festival opens on Thursday, November 9. at 8 p.m. in the Multimedia Cultural Center Split, with the exhibition/multimedia installation, Why Frets? by one of today’s most interesting composers in the field of electronic music and multimedia Marko Cicliliani. Marko Ciciliani’s series Why Frets? consists of three works: a multimedia performance, a performance lecture, and a multimedia installation, which illuminate different aspects of the fictional history of the electric guitar from different angles. The story is based on “speculative fabrications” – a deliberate fabrication of history. Rather than following the idea of ​​creating something new as a prediction of the future, speculative fiction and the rewriting of history start by examining the conditions under which society and culture arrived at their current state. As part of the opening of the festival, Ciciliani will perform the multimedia performance Why Frets? – Downtown 1983 in the Dom mladih Amphitheater at 9 p.m., and the third part of the trilogy, the performance lecture Why Frets? – Requiem for the Electric Guitar, festival visitors will be able to see the next day, Friday, November 10, at 6 p.m. in the Beton kino.

After the lecture, the second day of the festival takes us to the space after which the festival itself was named, under the stage (Ispod Bine), where the Kopaton Records publishing house will be presented, as well as their two fresh releases. Kopaton Records was founded in 2021 with the aim of publishing experimental sound recordings, concepts and albums, as well as the desire to gather musicians in one platform through which they would spread their artistic work and create new collaborations. Later on, there will be a presentation of the Levitation Scene album by Split artist Davor Gazde in the Ispod Bine area at 9 p.m. Gazde uses a modular synthesizer in his work, which he says is an instrument without beginning and end – “I experience it as a sort of experimental geometry, rarely does sound get so visual.” Gazde says that he does not make music, but silences the noise around him (and into himself) until only music is left. After Gazde, at 10 p.m., the band Roj Osa will perform for the first time in Split.

Roj Osa is a new band: Nenad Sinkauz, Alen Sinkauz, and Marc Quarantotto. They see their collaboration as a unique space of the author’s ideas, and concepts, but also intuition and freedom. The music they create moves along the edges of their previous joint sound creation and friendships that have lasted for three decades. They use digital and analog electronics and manipulate live electric and acoustic instruments while controlling the maximum dynamic range of sound events. In Split, they will promote their first album Asbestni krovovi (Kopaton Records), and multimedia artist Ivan Marušić Klif will join them on the visuals. This concert presents an exclusive insight into the Asbestni Krovovi album that will take us on a journey through musical experiments and deep textures of sound, and this is a unique opportunity to experience it live in all its complexity.

On Saturday, November 11, the festival program starts at 8 p.m. with the performance of The Anti-Teleological Rock Combo. Torn between the free play of sonic signifiers and the effort to develop their own improvisational vocabulary from predefined pitch-class and beat-class sets, The Anti-Teleological Rock Combo is Luka Čapeta (electric guitar), Pavle Jovanović (electric guitar), Šimun Matišić (drums, objects) and Leo Beslać (electric bass, flute). Consistent with the ethos that adorns their name, the repertoire they currently perform is authorial without implicit vindication of the author, guitar-wise without implicit “guitarism”, soloist without implicit bravado, violently devoid of the idea of ​​a reference fach.

The festival program continues in the Amphitheater at 9:00 p.m., where Marija Mratinić, a student of the Academy of Arts in Split, will present her graduate work Neku večer u mojoj sobi as part of this international sound festival. In the sound performance, she uses various objects and instruments to create an atmosphere of disorientation, rhythmicity, chaos and tranquility. Through the perspective of drunkenness, playfulness and mourning, she creates combinations of sounds and experiments with the relationships of sound, movement and perception.

And as the highlight of this evening, and of the entire festival, follows the premiere performance of the cult Viennese band Radian, a band in the classic rock formation of electric guitar, bass and drums, which uses the principles of electronic music in its explosive performances, creating fields of exceptional sound dynamics, from virtuoso precise parts to complete improvisation. Martin Brandlmayr (drums, electronics), Martin Siewert (guitar, electronics) and John Norman (bass) have been making very expansive music since the nineties that revels in tension and contradiction, sound and silence, improvisation and composition, sharing an unconventional, wildly imaginative approach to sound and use a completely unique sense of microtonality. Radian has always been interested in sounds that could be considered byproducts of music. The trio expertly perfects the sounds from the recording process that are often removed in the final version, and it is with these that they create unique, rich sound palettes with which they paint their meticulous arrangements. “We often use what we call microscopic miking,” notes the band, “taking very quiet sounds that we mic and amplify, and vice versa, playing with the listener’s usual dynamics and expectations.” Radian’s visionary approach to composing speaks of a lifetime of work on music that thinks about the future.

At the same time, a music-sound residency of the international collective of artists and scientists Audio Leakage Community (Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Bojana S. Knežević, Franziska Windisch, David Helbich, Yati Durant) takes place in the Beton kino. Through a residency called Co-composing Split, the collective will explore the theories and techniques of co-composition together, which will culminate in an improvisation concert, using live electronics, visual and modified sound effects, on Sunday, November 12, at 8 p.m. in the Beton kino, and members of the collective will hold an open lecture at the Art Academy in Split on Monday, November 13. at 10 a.m., ending this year’s ISPOD BINE sound art festival.

The authors and managers of the festival are Natasha Kadin and Hrvoje Pelicarić, the technical managers are Eugen Jeličić and Franko Sardelić Kolinac, the organizer and producer of the festival is Mavena – 36 njezinih čuda, in cooperation with the Multimedia Cultural Center Split, the Youth Center Platform and the Art Academy in Split. The festival is financially supported by the City of Split and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.


Nov 9-13, 2023

Youth center Split


Thursday, Nov 9

8 p.m. Marko Ciciliani: Why Frets? – Tombstone, opening @ Gallery MKC

9 p.m. Marko Ciciliani: Why Frets? – Downtown 1983, multimedia performance @ MKC Amphitheater

Friday, Nov 10

6 p.m. Marko Ciciliani Why Frets? – Requiem for the Electric Guitar (lecture) @ Beton kino

8 p.m. Kopaton Records presentation @ MKC Lobby

9 p.m. Davor Gazde: Levitation Scene live @ Ispod Bine

10 p.m. Roj Osa (Alen Sinkauz / Nenad Sinkauz / Marco Quarantotto) + I.M. Klif (visuals)

Saturday, Nov 11

8 p.m. The Anti-Teleological Rock Combo (Leo Beslać / Luka Čapeta / Pavle Jovanović / Šimun Matišić) @ Ispod Bine

9 p.m. Marija Mratinić: Neku večer u mojoj sobi, performance @ MKC Amphitheater

10 p.m. Radian (Martin Brandlmayr / John Norman / Martin Siewert) AT, Thrill Jockey @ Ispod Bine

Sunday, Nov 12

8 p.m. Audio Leakage Community: Co-composing Split, performance (Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Bojana S. Knežević, Franziska Windisch, David Helbich, Yati Durant) @ Beton kino

Monday, Nov 13

10 a.m. Audio Leakage Community: art talk @ UMAS Gripe


Nov 11-12

Audio Leakage Community Co-composing Split: research residency @ Beton kino