NMG@PRAKTIKA: Davor Konjikušić

“Genogram” as a series of family photos, landscapes and places at which I look passively from aside and distance of nearly 20 years is not a photographic series. For me it is a process, defragmentation of the past, processing and finally confronting the very fact that an intimate story is being exposing to public.

Presentation shows the trauma and inheritance, objectification allows an external view and feelings of control. Memories and photos coming out of me are exposed on the walls. They become the past, external object that give me a sort of sense of control that is beyond me. They are ritually buried on the wall.


Davor Konjikušić



About the Author:


Davor Konjikušić was born in 1979. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb where he is currently a student of final year of graduate studies of photography. He also works as a journalist. He is author of several documentaries. He was finalist in Photodays Rovinj 2010 in the category of professional concepts, and 2011 in the category of portraits. He won the third prize at Young Creative Chevrolet 2010 Paris, France.