Professional jury composed of:
Natasha Kadin (curator),,
Lana Beović (curator),,
Tina Vukasović Đaković (artist and curator),
Gildo Bavčević (artist) and
Nikola Križanac (designer)


lead by the already known cycle concept; focus on the presentation of young authors from the country and the region that have not yet been presented within this exhibition cycle and whose works are newmedia art, actual and innovative, have chosen the artists and works that we will produce and / or present within the sixth cycle of NMG @ PRAKTIKA exhibitions are:

DIFFERENCES AND MORAL, collective exhibition (curator Marko Vojnić Gin, coproduction Rojc association),
ARTUDITU (curator Ivana Vukušić),
Doplgenger (curator Natasha Kadin),
Dunja Janković (curator Lana Beović),
Nina Kamenjarin (curator Lana Beović),
Barbara Matejčić and Ljubica Letinić (curator Natasha Kadin),
KURS association (curator Lana Beović),
Nada Maleš (curator Tina Vukasović Đaković),
Kristina Marić (curator Lana Beović),
Bojan Mrđenović (curator Natasha Kadin),
Srđan Veljović (curator Tina Vukasović Đaković) and,
as every year, we will present 2 to 3 student work of students from the Art Academy in Split.

Congratulation to selected artists, Mavena crew is looking forward to new collaborations and new art travels!