Interdisciplinary research art project

Author: Natasha Kadin

Contributors: Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Saša Pocrnić, Galeb Nikačević Hasci - Jare

As tags of an unknown person, recently appeared graffiti signs written Jesus, sometimes framed in the heart, on the streets of Split and other towns on the Adriatic. The message behind the inscriptions is not known, but the fact is that the author of these inscriptions creates a kind of territorialization of urban spaces. One of the places where we encountered extremely high frequency of this weird graffiti is wild and gay nude beach Duilovo between Zagreb Hotel and Stobreč. What is meant by the the author it is not known, and it's hard to work on a gay story, given that the same inscription do not appear on other gay beaches or places. Either way, the author of the space “marked” some urban territories and track leads to a story. Be the story real or fiction, we decided to collect all the information and find out what and who is behind this public urban action, which is for some vandalism and for the others a message. In Belgrade we will present current findings as well as plans for further development in the form of public urban action and presentation lasting 15 minutes .

Produced by Poezin (in cooperation with Belgrade Pride ) and Mavena.

Produced by Poezin (in cooperation with Belgrade Pride ) and Mavena.

Photos: Marina Kelava, Tonči Kranjčević Batalić, Natasha Kadin, Zela Luša, Antonia Trobec, Marin Tudor




Five years after the death of one of the greatest Croatian poets and playwrights, never enough admired in his own home country, Croatia, Radovan Ivšić, organization Mavena, which is named after one of his poems, decided to make an interdisciplinary art project to correct this injustice and by scientific and artistic valorization of Ivšić’s art work, and through the research art works, in order to create, produce and present his character and work to Croatian and international public in a new light .

Artists of seemingly different credo, generations and different medium for artistic expression, but all of them "gently touched" by Ivšić’s work, decided to dedicate a joint research project to the artistic life and work of Radovan Ivšić, and throughout the study of his work, interviews with his friends and associates, and in cooperation with other artists; to create new artistic expressions and forms inspired by this great artist.
Radovan Ivšić in Croatia never gained the reputation of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Authors of this project believe that his place belongs to him. Research of the life and work of Radovan Ivšić will consist of a study of the relevant literature about him, a review of publications from the era of Radovan life in Paris and in finding a subjective toponyms of Radovan’s movement through this big city and throughout his life , structured interviews with his contemporaries, with publishers and critics of his work in Croatia and France. In collaboration with the Society of Croatian Writers (from which he was expelled, and again admitted to), the French Institute, Croatian and French embassies, and the greatest supporter of his work in Croatia, Zvonimir Mrkonjić, we will make a subjective section of his work, and through various media of artistic expression (video, installation, music, film, theater) present his work to Croatian, France and the world public in a new way of expression. This type of interdisciplinary research will transpose one artistic medium of expression (in this case, poetry and drama), into another, often new media, and thus opens and looks at different ways of treatment , valorization and interpretation of an artistic life and work, as well as puts focus on the subjective experience of it, and in a new way of presenting it the public.
This project is an homage to Radovan IVŠIĆ and his art.